Activation Fee – Purchase Ready For Use



Product Description

The process of pairing the RF Load Shackles prior to use is necessary to receive load readings and generate logging details.

We offer this process prior to shipping at $50.00 USD per Load Shackle with reductions for larger quantities.

When you receive the Load Shackle shipment, these cells will be plug & play right out of the box.


This will allow you to install them in any environment for immediate readings


  • Optional Key Codes available
  • Fast and straightforward installation
  • Allowing logging files (.csv)to be saved in Excel format
  • Representation of peak, valley & delta
  • Data graphs available
  • Programmable mathematical function for displays
  • Graphics feature that incorporates drawings and pictures into the display
  • Remote access to data using tablets and smartphones via Webserver feature
  • Log feature includes automatic, manual & overload settings
  • Communication loss, battery low, data range over / under indicated by audible & visual