2.4 GHz Wireless 3.25T Load Shackle



Product Description

Hands down the best Load Shackle on the market

Cassidyrig has been leading the rigging industry with Broadweigh RF Load Shackle technology in mass quantities, bringing awareness and safety to the production every time



Built to withstand the demands of varying environments and weather, the BroadWeigh wireless load shackle offers realtime load monitoring for rigging professionals, enabling monitoring and logging of precise loads on any given rigging point. Deliverying wireless data to a choice of receivers, the system enables you to safely distribute weight for indeterminate loads, roof structures, mother-grids as well as indicate alarms to avoid rigging component overload situations.

Using the bow from a standard BS EN 13889 shackle, the high accuracy steel load pin is supplied with a load centralising bobbin as standard. Accuracy typically ±1% of current load or ±25 kg.


  • Create a safe working Environment
  • Available in 3.25 ton ( 5/8” shackle )
  • Unit conversion for kg, lbs, tonnes, ton, ton (US), kN
  • 7165 lbs / 3250 kg weight range
  • Accuracy typically ± 1% of current load or ±25 kg (whichever is the greater value)
  • Fully weatherized (IP67)
  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC compliant
  • Zero Trim Shackle
  • 5:1 safety factor
  • Anti-rotational bracket
  • Supplied pre-calibrated
  • CR Activation prior to shipping for instant use – additional fees apply


  • Lifetime warranty available as part of Broadweigh’s annual calibration service
  • Cassidyrig Favorite



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Weight 1.7637 lbs