About Us

Practical & Safe Solutions

A Passion for Perfection

Envisioning something that no one’s achieved before? That’s what we’re all about. We understand the incredible pace of the experiential event world and its constant evolution — especially in the realm of technology and event design. We’re at the forefront of entertainment rigging and work closely with your team to deliver the highest level of safety, creativity, and success for your events.

  • "When it comes to creating a safe work environment, we hold every project to unrelenting standards. There are no compromises."

More Than a Rigging Company

An Extension of Your Team

Our team is led by Dan Cassidy, the Founder & CEO of Cassidyrig. Surrounded by the industry's best from a young age, Dan's hands-on, up-close experiences have given him unmatched knowledge of the rigging industry. For over two decades, we’ve become seasoned in professional, gravity-defying, and exceptionally safe rigging — utilizing the latest advancements in equipment rigging. Each year, we’re proud to securely suspend millions of pounds of creativity above everyone’s heads.